Part of Paint the Village lets fill the church with Faces.

Meeting Sally and Ranj on the common, pulled along by their dogs, smiling all the way.

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Having gone through a very grey August and feeling a bit flat and uncreative. I needed inspiration. Along came the new vicar of Lane End to introduce himself at my exhibition; I have thought about doing an exhibition in the church for some years a new venue, great space, Philip thought it was good idea too, so it set me thinking.....

Out on my dog walks I meet the people of Lane End everyday, which leads me to painting everyone I meet over the next - well however long it takes to fill the church pews with faces!

A few from this week.

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Well, I would have demonstrated painting water by the lake in our garden, to the Studley Green Art Group, if it had been warmer and drier, this has to be the wettest August? So instead I demoed at the village hall. The group then painted their own brilliantly!

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