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Countdown to Jubilee Exhibition

Less than a week to my Portrait of a Village Exhibition. Now slightly panicing and Painting the last few portraits, I will be exhibiting in the local church here in Lane End, Buckinghamshire - haven't counted how many portraits I have painted in the last few months, but I hope to fill the pews with local faces, painted in oils. The plan is that the portraits can then be claimed by the face so long as they donate something to the church. This whole project started for me last August when the sun didn't shine and the cows had eaten all the wildflowers, I felt uninspired, so I though what do I love to do best??? Paint people, portraits - so I decided to paint all the people I came across as I walked in and around the village. Here we are finally the exhibition looming - an exhibition in the church on Fete day; as we celebrate over the Jubilee weekend. Alongside me exhibiting is Jan Gaska who has painted landscapes of the village.

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